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About the CCL

We design software that enables our collaborators to easily harness large scale distributed systems such as clusters, clouds, and grids. We perform fundamental computer science research in that enables new discoveries through computing in fields such as physics, chemistry, bioinformatics, biometrics, and data mining.

CCL News and Blog

(01-Jul-2015)Preservation Framework for Computational Reproducibility at ICCS 2015
(19-Jun-2015)Umbrella and Containers at VTDC 2015
(27-May-2015)Lobster Talk at Condor Week 2015
(19-May-2015)Parrot and Lobster at CHEP 2015
(04-May-2015)Peter Sempolinski Defends Ph.D.
(10-Apr-2015)Dinesh Rajan Defends Ph.D.
(27-Mar-2015)Confuga: Scalable Data Intensive Computing for POSIX Workflows
(24-Mar-2015)Makeflow Visualization with Cytoscape

Community Highlight

The Annual CCL Workshop was held on October 10-11 at the University of Notre Dame. The CCL team ran beginning and advanced tutorials and gave highlights of the many new features and capabilities in the software. Community members spoke about the many ways in which Makeflow, Work Queue, Parrot, and Chirp are used to acclerate discoveries in fields such as bioinformatics, high energy physics, weather prediction, image analysis, and molecular dynamics. Everyone got together to share a meal, solve problems, and generate new ideas. Thanks to everyone who participated, and see you next year!