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CCL Team Duties

Maintaining our software in a usable state is essential to the success of the CCL as a whole. Quality, working, software is essential to maintaining our collaborations with researchers in other domains, which is how we discover new problems and make an impact on the world. The following duties are rotated among team members, and designed to maintain our software quality and our relationships with collaborators. These are not full time jobs, but they do require time and attention spent at odd intervals.

Assignments for 2017 are:

  • Release Wrangler: Ben Tovar
  • First Responder: Tim Shaffer
  • Outreach Coordinator: Nate Kremer-Hermann
  • Meeting Coordinator: Charles Zheng
  • Release Wrangler Duties

  • Work with Prof. Thain to identify approximate release dates and feature priorities, and organize those into milestones.
  • Keep the team appraised of the impending timeline, and shepherd bugs and other features into the appropriate release.
  • Keep the bug database well organized by entering new bugs, investigating stalled bugs, and closing out reports when needed.
  • Ensure that the autobuild system is always working correctly. If the build is broken, notify the responsible party, and if necessary, help to identify and fix build problems.
  • Issue completed releases to the community and make announcements on the mailing lists, web page, and other appropriate outlets.
  • First Responder

  • Monitor the cctools mailing lists (or other online presence) and serve as the designated "first responder" for questions and problems. Simple issues should be dealt with directly. If the issue lies in someone else's area of expertise, engage them to address the questioner. All questions should have some sort of initial response within 2 hours during normal working business hours. When on vacation, the coordinator should arrange for someone else to serve as first responder.
  • Edit, organize, and improve the overall CCL documentation and web presence so that it is easy and appealing for people to get started with the software. Each contributor to the cctools is responsible for writing relevant documentation, but the coordinator can help with integration and editing.
  • Outreach Coordinator

  • Develop slide presentations and other materials for workshops and tutorials relating to the cctools.
  • Lead tutorials on the cctools at various workshops and conferences, with assistance from other CCL members.
  • Assist in the organization of the annual CCL workshop.
  • Meeting Coordinator

  • Set up a schedule of team members to give talks at each team meeting, and make them known be email in advance. (Everyone should take a turn.)
  • Get to the team meeting a few minutes early to get the A/V set up problem.
  • Suitable talks may be: a practice talk for an upcoming presentation, a 20-minute summary of your latest work and results, or a brief tutorial on a related system.
  • Windows Maintainer Duties

  • Maintain an appropriate Windows/Cygwin build environment on your desktop or laptop.
  • Build and use the cctools on Windows on a regular basis, to maintain familiarity with that platform.
  • Work with other members of the team to ensure that most code in the cctools is designed and implemented in a way that is Windows compatible.
  • Work with the release wrangler particularly before each release to ensure that it builds on Windows
  • Generate the final Windows packages to be posted on the web page.
  • How to Make a Release

  • Bump the release version and release date in configure.
  • Tag the release: git tag release/MAJOR.MINOR.RELEASE
  • Deploy a release candidate on Notre Dame campus for ~1 week of testing. You need to fix the files generated in ~ccl/software/files to have an RC tag (to distinguish from a final release). For example, cctools-3.4.2-src.tar.gz should be changed to cctools-3.4.2-RC1-src.tar.gz. Announce the release candidate to both ccl-team and cctools(-discuss). The purpose of a release candidate is to get feedback from collaborators on campus and especially downstream distributors such as Debian before making the release final.
  • When the release is ready to be finalized:
  • Announce the final release on ccl-team, cctools(-discuss), and cctools-announce. Include a list of new features, bugs fixed, and thank all contributors. Use svn log file:///afs/ to review changes.
  • Copy Autobuild binaries to the download directory.
  • Update the download webpage to reflect the new release.
  • Announce the release on the CCL website news feed.