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CCL Web Server and Database

The primary CCL web site for static pages, software downloads, published papers, and so forth is Source for these documents is stored in /afs/ You are encouraged to update pages for your particular projects as needed.

We also have several interactive sites that run more complex services. These are spread across multiple servers as follows:
mysql databsae
condor central manager
chirp catalog server

We use a common configuration across all of these services:

  • Each machine runs an apache web server, configured in /data/apache.
  • Each domain served by the machine has source in /data/domains/DOMAIN.
  • The SVN repository for the domain is in ~ccl/svn/DOMAIN.
  • For the larger sites, each server has several development domains, one testing domain, and one production domain. You should make your code changes in the development domain, check them in, try them on the testing domain, and then finally on the production domain.

    For example, suppose that you are working on bxgrid, and you are assigned to bxgriddev2. To access the code:

    cd /data/domains/bxgriddev2
    Make changes with whatever text editor you like, and test them out with your web browser at When the changes are complete, check them in with subversion, and deploy them on the test side:
    cd /data/domains/bxgriddev2
    svn commit
    cd /data/domains/bxgridtext
    svn up
    (If you get some odd permissions errors, fs flushvol ~ccl usually fixes the problem.)

    Finally, to deploy on the production site:

    cd /data/domains/bxgrid
    svn up