load_average.h File Reference

Get the current load and number of CPUs. More...

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void load_average_get (double *avg)
 Get the current load average. More...
int load_average_get_cpus ()
 Get the number of CPU cores. More...

Detailed Description

Get the current load and number of CPUs.

Function Documentation

void load_average_get ( double *  avg)

Get the current load average.

Uses different techniques on each platform to get the current 1, 5, and 15 minute load average.

avgA pointer to an array of three doubles. avg[0] gets the one minute load average, avg[1] gets the five minute load average, and avg[2] gets the 15 minute load average.
int load_average_get_cpus ( )

Get the number of CPU cores.

This function returns the number of CPU cores that the operating system assumes are actually available for use. Due to hyperthreading, BIOS settings, operating system configuration, and so forth, this may not actually be the physical number of CPU cores. A more accurate description might be the number of programs that the operating system can efficiently run at once.

The number of CPU cores.