Data Fields
jx Struct Reference

JX value representing any expression type. More...

#include <jx.h>

Data Fields

jx_type_t type
 type of this value More...
unsigned line
 line where this value was defined More...
int boolean_value
 value of JX_BOOLEAN More...
jx_int_t integer_value
 value of JX_INTEGER More...
double double_value
 value of JX_DOUBLE More...
char * string_value
 value of JX_STRING More...
char * symbol_name
 value of JX_SYMBOL More...
struct jx_itemitems
 value of JX_ARRAY More...
struct jx_pairpairs
 value of JX_OBJECT More...
struct jx_operator oper
 value of JX_OPERATOR More...
struct jxerr
 error value of JX_ERROR More...

Detailed Description

JX value representing any expression type.

Field Documentation

jx_type_t jx::type

type of this value

unsigned jx::line

line where this value was defined

int jx::boolean_value

value of JX_BOOLEAN

jx_int_t jx::integer_value

value of JX_INTEGER

double jx::double_value

value of JX_DOUBLE

char* jx::string_value

value of JX_STRING

char* jx::symbol_name

value of JX_SYMBOL

struct jx_item* jx::items

value of JX_ARRAY

struct jx_pair* jx::pairs

value of JX_OBJECT

struct jx_operator jx::oper

value of JX_OPERATOR

struct jx* jx::err

error value of JX_ERROR

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