So you want to fix a bug.

A recipe for contributing to CCTools.

Step 1

Fork CCTools.


Step 2

git clone FORK_URL

Clone your repository from github onto your computer.


Step 3

cd cctools

Move to repository directory.

Step 4

git checkout -b branch_name

Create a new branch. The branch name should be a one or two word summary of the upcoming changes.

Step 5

Fix bug or add feature.

Step 6

git add list_of_files_changed

Add changed files. Replace list_of_files_changed with the files modified in step 5.

Step 7

git commit

Commit changes. This will open your text editor and prompt for a commit message.

Step 8

Type a commit message. This message should be one or two sentences describing the changes in step 5.

Step 9

git push origin branch_name

Push bug/feature branch to your Github repo. Don't forget to replace branch_name with the one chosen in step 4.

Step 10

Submit pull request on Github.

pull request

Step 11

Discuss changes with senior team member.

Step 12

Repeat steps 5-11 until complete.