auth_all.h File Reference

Global authentication controls. More...

#include "auth.h"
#include "auth_unix.h"
#include "auth_kerberos.h"
#include "auth_globus.h"
#include "auth_hostname.h"
#include "auth_address.h"
#include "auth_ticket.h"

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int auth_register_byname (const char *name)
 Enables a specific authentication mode. More...
int auth_register_all (void)
 Enable all authentication modes. More...

Detailed Description

Global authentication controls.

Chirp has a flexible authentication system that allows users to identify themselves to severs in many different ways. This module controls which methods are currently active.

Most programs should call auth_register_all to enable all modes by default, and only call auth_register_byname to choose a specific method when directed by the user with the -a command line option.

Function Documentation

int auth_register_byname ( const char *  name)

Enables a specific authentication mode.

If called multiple times, the methods will be attempted in the order chosen.

nameThe authentication mode, which may be:
  • "globus"
  • "kerberos"
  • "unix"
  • "hostname"
  • "address"
See Also

Referenced by chirp.Client::__init__().

int auth_register_all ( void  )

Enable all authentication modes.

Enables all authentication modes, in a default order.

See Also

Referenced by chirp.Client::__init__().