work_queue_graph_log - plots Work Queue statistics logs.


work_queue_graph_log [options] work-queue-log


work_queue_graph_log is a script to plot some of the statistics from a Work Queue log, as generated by work_queue_specify_log from the C and Perl Work Queue APIs, or by q.specify_log from the Python Work Queue API. It assumes the availability of gnuplot. work_queue_graph_log generates four plots, all with timestamp as the independent variable: time: timestamp, total_send_time, total_receive_time, total_transfer_time, and total_master_time. (The last two generated by the script, not in the log.) time-log: log-scale version of times, plus total_execute_time. tasks: total_tasks_waiting, total_tasks_running, total_workers_connected, total_workers_busy, and total_cores tasks-log: log-scale version of tasks, plus total_complete_tasks.


-o <prefix-output>
Generate prefix-output.{time,time-log,tasks,tasks-log}.. Default is .
-c <gnuplot-path>
Specify the location of the gnuplot executable. Default is gnuplot.
-r <range>
Range of time to plot, in time units (see -u) from the start of execution. Of the form: min:max, min:, or :max.
-T <output-format>
Set output format. Default is png. If "text", then the gnuplot scripts are written instead of the images.
-u <time-unit>
Time scale to output. One of s,m,h or d, for seconds, minutes (default), hours or days.
-h Show help text.


General use:
% work_queue_graph_log mylog
% ls mylog*.png
mylog.tasks.png mylog.tasks-log.png mylog.time.png mylog.time-log.png
Plot up to the eleventh hour:
% work_queue_graph_log -u h -r :11 mylog

Generate script text:
% work_queue_graph_log -Ttext mylog
% ls mylog*.gnuplot
mylog.tasks.png.gnuplot mylog.tasks-log.png.gnuplot mylog.time.png.gnuplot mylog.time-log.png.gnuplot
Specify gnuplot path:
% work_queue_graph_log -c/some/dir/bin/gnuplot mylog



The Cooperative Computing Tools are Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Douglas Thain and Copyright (C) 2005-2015 The University of Notre Dame. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details.

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