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Current Condor Policy

The following policies are the default for most machines:
  • Jobs will be started on a machine when:
    • The keyboard has not been used for 15 minutes
    • AND the load average is less than .3
  • Jobs will be suspended for five minutes when:
    • The keyboard has been touched
    • OR the (non-condor) load average has been above .5 for 2 minutes.
  • Jobs will be removed from a machine and sent elsewhere when:
    • The job has been suspended for ten minutes.
    • OR the machine owner runs condor_vacate on that machine.
Once Condor has decided to some job on a machine, then the following preferences apply:
  • A machine will prefer to run jobs from its owner.
  • Then, it will prefer jobs from others in the owner's group.
    (To see the group, run condor_config_val MachinePreferredUsers.)
  • Then, it will prefer jobs from others at Notre Dame.
  • Then, it may run jobs from the Open Science Grid.
  • Other Policies

    Many other policies are possible, and we would be pleased to work with you to make you happy. Here are some examples of other policies:
  • Visitors can only use this machine at night.
  • I prefer that my machines run jobs owned by smith.
  • I require that my machines only run jobs by smith and wesson.
  • Only use my machine if the keyboard has been idle for an hour.
  • When things go wrong...

    If a visiting Condor job is causing you trouble, simply log into that machine and run this command to remove the job:
    % ~condor/software/bin/condor_vacate -fast
    You are free to kick jobs off your machines whenever you like. However, if this is happening frequently, let us know so that we can construct a better policy for you.

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