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Douglas Thain

Benjamin Tovar
Soft. Engineer

Nate Kremer-Herman
Ph.D. Student

Tim Shaffer
Ph.D. Student

Yifan Yu
M.S. Student

Tanner Juedeman
Ph.D. Student

Cami Carballo
Ph.D. Student

Zoe Surma

Emily Strout

William McComis

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Ph.D. Graduates
  • Dr. Nick Hazekamp, Ph.D. 2019, engineer at Atomic Object, Inc.
  • Dr. Chao "Charles" Zheng, Ph.D. 2019, engineer at Alibaba, Inc.
  • Dr. Peter Ivie, Ph.D. 2018, engineer at VidAngel, Inc.
  • Dr. James Sweet, Ph.D. 2017, postdoc at ND Center for Research Computing.
  • Dr. Haiyan Meng, Ph.D. 2017, engineer at Google, Inc.
  • Dr. Patrick Donnelly, Ph.D. 2016, engineer at Red Hat, Inc.
  • Dr. Haipeng Cai, Ph.D. 2015, faculty at Washington State University.
  • Dr. Peter Sempolinski, Ph.D. 2015, postdoc at Notre Dame.
  • Dr. Dinesh Rajan, Ph.D. 2015. Amazon, Inc.
  • Dr. Li Yu, Ph.D. 2013. Bloomberg, Inc.
  • Dr. Peter Bui, Ph.D. 2012, faculty at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.
  • Dr. Hoang Bui, Ph.D. 2012, faculty at Western Illinois University.
  • Dr. Christopher Moretti - Ph.D. 2010 - Faculty at Princeton University.
  • Dr. Kyle Wheeler - Ph.D. 2009 - Researcher at Sandia National Labs.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Hemmes - Ph.D. 2009 - Faculty at the Air Force Institute of Technology.
  • Past Students
  • TJ Dasso - Integration of Parsl and Work Queue
  • Francis Schickel - Python library acceleration.
  • Ryker McIntyre - Integration of Jupyter and Work Queue
  • Eamon Lopez - Python packaging and deployment.
  • Andrew Litteken (B.S. 2019) - Integration of Parsl and Work Queue.
  • Doug Smith (B.S. 2019) - Integration of Parsl and Work Queue.
  • Herman Tong (B.S. 2019) - Developed HashFS filesystem prototype.
  • Daniel Galvao Guerra (B.S. 2019) - Developed HashFS filesystem prototype.
  • Kyle Sweeney (M.S. 2018) - Developed techniques for running workflows in container systems and HPC environments.
  • Nicholas Pottiger (REU 2018) - Developed cloud archive facility for Makeflow.
  • Qimin Zhang (iSure 2018) - Evaluated machine learning techniques for predicting resource usage.
  • Caitlin Guccione (REU 2017) - Evaluated cost and performance of bioinoformatics on commercial clouds.
  • Lydia Brothers (REU 2016) - Ported the AWE application to cloud resources.
  • Ngoc An Huynh (U of Tokyo) - Visualization techniques for fork-join programs.
  • Casey Robinson - Contributed to Work Queue resource management.
  • Michael Albrecht - Contributed to Work Queue development.
  • DeVonte Applewhite - Contributed to Work Queue visualization and reporting.
  • Brenden Kokoszka - Implemented the search system call.
  • Nicholas Jaeger - Contributed to Work Queue.
  • Brian Dusell - Redesigned the Biocompute bioinformatics portal.
  • Robert Wirthman - Contributed to the ND cloud facility.
  • Kevin Wern - Created a Work Queue visualization.
  • Kyle Mulholland - Contributed to Makeflow visualization.
  • Jessica Vallejo - Contributed to Work Queue testing.
  • John Quinn - Contributed to the virtual windtunnel portal.
  • Thomas Potthast - Contributed to the Biocompute analysis portable.
  • Joseph Fetsch - Constructed genetic algorithms using Work Queue.
  • Iheanyi Ekuchuku - Contributed to the BXgrid web portal.
  • Taylor Seale - Contributed to the CFD workbench.
  • Vincent Birch - Contributed to the automatic build and test environment.
  • Chris Bauschka (Purdue University) - Created tools for database management of large workflows.
  • Rachel Witty - Added large scale data processing capabilities to BXGrid.
  • Ryan Jansen - Built out the Green Cloud at the CRC.
  • Zachary Musgrave (Clemson University) - Created new scalable bioinformatics applications.
  • Anthony Canino (SUNY-Binghamton) - Created a scalable replica exchange framework.
  • Carl Beyer - B.S. 2010 - Designed new tagging and viewing capabilities to BXGrid.
  • Kevin Partington - B.S. 2010 - Created new programming models for distributed computing.
  • Joey Rich Worked on data management features in Biocompute.
  • Kameron Srimoungchach (Clemson University) - Integrated the BXGrid data repository with the Condor pool.
  • Rory Carmichael - B.S. 2009 - Contributed extensively to TeamTrak, BXGrid, and Biocompute.
  • Mark Pasquier - B.S. 2009 - Contributed to data integrity in BXGrid and data management in TeamTrak.
  • Patrick Braga-Henebry - B.S. with honors 2009 - Created the Biocompute genomics portal.
  • Brandon Rich - Created the DataLab parallel computing facility.
  • Christopher Lyon (North Carolina A&T) - Contributed to the BXGrid project.
  • Mike Kelly - B.S. 2009 - Created the BXGrid biometrics portal.
  • Jared Bulosan - B.S. 2008 - Web interfaces for distributed computing.
  • Brian Sullivan - B.S. 2008 - Contributed to data analysis in the Lockdown project.
  • Phil Snowberger - M.S. 2007 - Created the SubID toolkit, now at YouTube.
  • Brendan McNutt - B.S. 2009 - Implemented stride measurement in TeamTrak.
  • Gerhard Niederwieser (Univ. of Innsbruck, Austria) - Created tools for large scale biometric comparisons.
  • Daniel Mack - B.S. 2006 - Implemented approximate network location in TeamTrak.
  • James Fitzgerald - B.S. 2006 - Added kernel support for distributed storage.
  • James Ehlinger - B.S. 2006 - Built a distributed backup system.
  • Paul Madrid - B.S. 2004 - Distributed resource management.
  • Team Photos

    CCL Team July 2018

    CCL Team May 2018

    CCL Team May 2015

    CCL Team June 2013

    CCL Team March 2012
    Back Row: Peter Sempolinksi, Thomas Potthast, Robert Wirthman, Michael Albrecht, Dinesh Rajan. Front Row: Patrick Donnelly, Joe Fetsch, Peter Bui, Hoang Bui, Li Yu, Prof Thain.

    CCL Team July 2010
    Back Row: Prof. Thain, Peter Sempolinksi, Michael Albrecht, Patrick Donnelly, Zachary Musgrave. Front Row: Hoang Bui, Anthony Canino, Li Yu, Rachel Witty. Not shown: Peter Bui

    CCL Team July 2009
    Back Row: Joey Rich, Michael Albrecht, Connor Keenan, Ryan Jansen, Kameron Srimounghach, Prof. Thain. Front Row: Rachel Witty, Peter Bui, Li Yu, Chris Moretti, Hoang Bui.

    CCL Team January 2009
    Patrick Braga-Henebry, Mike Kelly, Rory Carmichael, Douglas Thain
    Li Yu, Chris Moretti, Hoang Bui, Mike Lammie
    Not Shown: Michael Albrecht, Jeffrey Hemmes

    CCL Team July 2008
    Michael Albrecht, Mike Kelly, Douglas Thain,
    Hoang Bui, Chris Moretti, Chris Lyon
    Not Shown: Hoang Bui, Jeffrey Hemmes

    CCL Team June 2007
    Jared Bulosan, Brian Sullivan, Jeffrey, Hemmes, Douglas Thain
    Rory Carmichael, Chirs Moretti, Brandon Rich