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Quick Start for Developers

We use github to manage our source code and track bugs.

To checkout, build, and install the software, do this:

First, create an environment with the dependencies required. Our prefered method is to use conda, so first you will need to install conda if you have not already done so. Then:

conda create -y -n cctools-dev -c conda-forge --strict-channel-priority python=3 gcc_linux-64 gxx_linux-64 gdb m4 perl swig make zlib libopenssl-static openssl conda-pack cloudpickle
conda activate cctools-dev
Now that you are inside the Conda environment, build and install CCTools to $HOME/cctools:
git clone cctools-src
cd cctools-src
./configure --with-base-dir $CONDA_PREFIX --prefix $CONDA_PREFIX
make install
At your next login, simply activate the conda environment again:
conda activate cctools-dev

We welcome external contributions! If you have completed feature that would like to see added to CCTools, and you have a github account, please issue a pull request for review. If you are contemplating a major change, please discuss your ideas on our mailing list first.