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Software Community Operations

Internal CCL Team Documentation

These pages record common details to help new team members get started, solve common technical problems, and record team policies.

Note that these pages are visible to anyone at Notre Dame, so this is not the place to record passwords or other sensitive information.

Team Organization

  • CCL Handbook (Read this first!)
  • Team Duties
  • CCL Planning Docs in Google Drive
  • Computing Resources

  • CCL Software and Storage Organization
  • Quick Introduction to AFS
  • CCL Hardware
  • CCL Web Server and Database (needs update)
  • Paper Writing

  • Template Paper in LaTeX
  • Technical Paper Requirements
  • Writing Process: From Idea to Final Submission
  • Always Measure One Level Deeper (Solid advice on measurements and evaluation.)
  • Git Wisdom

  • Git Introduction
  • Git Pull Request/Commit Policy (i.e., what to merge)
  • Git Pull Request Merging (i.e., how to merge)
  • Software Engineering Process

  • Software Development Values
  • Hacker's Guide to the CCTools (needs update)
  • Running Autobuild
  • Testing Framework
  • Deploy CCTools
  • Check shell scripts for sh compatibility
  • Technical Notes

  • makeflow specification
  • WQ: Failure specification
  • WQ: Ordering of operations in main loop
  • WQ: Handling of Unlabeled Tasks (tex)
  • WQ: Describing foreman resources (tex)
  • Days since...