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Condor Pool

The ND Condor Pool harnesses idle cycles from thousands of desktop and server computer across campus, and puts them to use for high throughput science and engineering applications. This service is open to the ND campus.

Condor Log Analyzer

The Condor Log Analyzer allows users of the Condor batch system around the world to upload log files describing workloads of thousands of jobs, and receive back graphs and an explanation of what happened to the workload. This service is open to the public.

Chirp Storage

The Chirp distributed storage system provides secure, user-level access to distributed storage devices spread across campus and around the world. The Chirp storage pool is a substrate for many of our other data-intensive systems. This service is open to the ND campus.

Hadoop Cluster

The Hadoop Cluster provides a "big data" processing environment with approximately 120TB of storage acorss a 24-node cluster. The hadoop cluster is appropriate for large scale data anlytics where the I/O costs generally exceed the computing costs. This service is open to the ND campus.


Biocompute provides a web-based electronic notebook for managing and executing bioinformatics applications on our Condor Pool. Users may submit genome searches to the system, then store and share the results with other users. This service is open to the ND campus.


BXGrid is an online repository and experimental management system for biometrics research at Notre Dame. With a few clicks, a user can browse and process hundreds of thousands of images and movies of irises, faces, and other biometric data, and dispatch large scale experiments to our Condor pool. This project is a collaboration between the Computer Vision Research Lab and the Cooperative Computing Lab at Notre Dame. This service is open to the ND campus.