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Install CCTools

The Cooperative Computing Tools (CCTools) package provides Work Queue, Makeflow, Parrot, Chirp, and other supporting software See the complete installation instructions in the online manual. There are several ways to install the software, but Conda is recommended for beginners.

Install via Conda - Stable Version

First install the Miniconda package manager, and then:
conda install -c conda-forge ndcctools

Install via Git - Development Version

git clone git:// cctools-src
cd cctools-src
./configure --prefix $HOME/cctools
make install

Install Tarball - Stable Version 7.3.0

cctools-7.3.0-source.tar.gz Source Code
cctools-7.3.0-x86_64-centos7.tar.gz Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 | CentOS 7, x86 CPU (64 bit)
cctools-7.3.0-x86_64-centos8.tar.gz Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Centos 8, x86 CPU (64 bit)
cctools-7.3.0-x86_64-osx10.13.tar.gz MacOS 10.13, x86 CPU

Release Candidate

Currently there is not a release candidate (version 7.3.0 was released July 29, 2021).

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