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HOWTO Manuals for CCL Software

HOWTO manuals are short examples that demonstrate how to perform common activities or to make multiple tools work together. For the full detail on individual tools, please consult the ordinary manuals
  • HOWTO: Access Chirp Filesystems
  • HOWTO: Setup a Chirp Cluster Filesystem
  • HOWTO: Write Code that Uses Chirp
  • HOWTO: Making Condor Chirp
  • HOWTO: Tips for Troubleshooting Security with Parrot and Chirp
  • HOWTO: Remote Dynamic Linking with Parrot and Chirp
  • HOWTO: Secure Data Access with Condor, Parrot, Chirp, and Globus
  • HOWTO: Execute Jobs in Chirp
  • HOWTO: Access GRAND Data via Parrot
  • HOWTO: Accessing Files Across the Cambridge Grid with Parrot
  • HOWTO: Run Work Queue Workers on Azure
  • HOWTO: Run Work Queue with firewall restrictions between master and worker
  • The following is an overview of the code structure for developers:
  • Hackers Guide to the CCTools