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chirp.Stat Class Reference

Python Stat object. More...

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Public Member Functions

def path
 Target path. More...
def device
 ID of device containing file. More...
def inode
 inode number More...
def mode
 file mode permissions More...
def nlink
 number of hard links More...
def uid
 user ID of owner More...
def gid
 group ID of owner More...
def rdev
 device ID if special file More...
def size
 total size, in bytes More...
def block_size
 block size for file system I/O More...
def blocks
 number of 512B blocks allocated More...
def atime
 number of seconds since epoch since last access More...
def mtime
 number of seconds since epoch since last modification More...
def ctime
 number of seconds since epoch since last status change More...

Detailed Description

Python Stat object.

This class is used to record stat information for files/directories of a chirp server.

Member Function Documentation

def chirp.Stat.path (   self)

Target path.

1 >>> print(s.path)

References chirp.Stat._path.

Referenced by chirp.Stat.ctime().

def chirp.Stat.device (   self)

ID of device containing file.

1 >>> print(s.device)
def chirp.Stat.inode (   self)

inode number

1 >>> print(s.inode)
def chirp.Stat.mode (   self)

file mode permissions

1 >>> print(s.mode)
def chirp.Stat.nlink (   self)

number of hard links

1 >>> print(s.nlink)
def chirp.Stat.uid (   self)

user ID of owner

1 >>> print(s.uid)

Referenced by chirp.Stat.ctime().

def chirp.Stat.gid (   self)

group ID of owner

1 >>> print(s.gid)

Referenced by chirp.Stat.ctime().

def chirp.Stat.rdev (   self)

device ID if special file

1 >>> print(s.rdev)
def chirp.Stat.size (   self)

total size, in bytes

1 >>> print(s.size)

Referenced by chirp.Stat.ctime().

def chirp.Stat.block_size (   self)

block size for file system I/O

1 >>> print(s.block_size)
def chirp.Stat.blocks (   self)

number of 512B blocks allocated

1 >>> print(s.blocks)
def chirp.Stat.atime (   self)

number of seconds since epoch since last access

1 >>> print(s.atime)
def chirp.Stat.mtime (   self)

number of seconds since epoch since last modification

1 >>> print(s.mtime)
def chirp.Stat.ctime (   self)

number of seconds since epoch since last status change

1 >>> print(s.ctime)

References chirp.Stat.gid(), chirp_searchent.path, rmonitor_wdir_info.path, rmonitor_filesys_info.path, chirp.Stat.path(), chirp.Stat.size(), and chirp.Stat.uid().

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