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Resource Monitor

The resource_monitor is a tool to monitor the computational resources of complex, multi-process applications. This is an essential capability for executing large scale applications reliably in clusters, clouds, and grids. It works on Linux, FreeBSD, and OSX, and can be used as a standalone tool, or automatically with distributed systems like Makeflow and Work Queue.

When invoked, the resource monitor tracks all of the processes and threads created by the subject program, and monitors their individual resource and I/O behavior. It generates up to three report files: a summary file with the maximum values of resource used, a time-series that shows the resources used at given time intervals, and a list of files that were opened during execution, together with the count of read and write operations.

Additionally, the monitor can be used as a watchdog. Maximum resource limits can be specified, and if one of the resources goes over the limit, then the monitor terminates the task, including a report of the resource that was above the limit.

The resource_monitor_visualizer creates a series of webpages summarizing the logs produced by the resource_monitor. It generates histograms for each resource and each group. For example, the histogram to the right shows the distribution of cpu usage of a workflow with 5,000 tasks. To use the resource_monitor_visualizer specify the location of the resource logs and the location for the output.

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