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Tutorial: Introduction to scalable programming using Makeflow and Work Queue

Tutorial at CCL Workshop, Room 112 Notre Dame Conference Center (McKenna Hall), October 10, 2013.

This tutorial will provide a brief introduction to writing scalable applications using Makeflow and Work Queue, developed by the Cooperative Computing Lab. The tutorial consists of a lecture that gives an overview of the software and applications, an hands-on instruction that will demonstrate and walk through the installation and use of Work Queue and Makeflow to write scalable programs, and practice problems to try after the tutorial.


  • Laptop with an SSH client.
  • Familiarity with Unix.
  • Ability to program in Python, Perl, or C (for the Work Queue portion of tutorial).
  • Tutorial Materials


  • Lecture slides
  • Tutorial
  • Practice problems
  •   Work Queue

  • Lecture slides
  • Tutorial
  • Practice problems
  • Software Resources

  • Software Download
  • Makeflow Web Page
  • Work Queue Web Page
  • Getting Help
  • Additional Reading

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