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Chirp Filesystem Chirp is a user-level file system for collaboration across distributed systems such as clusters, clouds, and grids. Chirp allows ordinary users to discover, share, and access storage, whether within a single machine room or over a wide area network.

Chirp requires no special privileges. Unlike most standard file systems or storage services, Chirp does not require root access, kernel changes, special modules, or anything like that. It can be run by ordinary users to export ordinary file systems on any machine or port that you like.

Chirp is transparent. When used with Parrot or FUSE, Chirp servers can be transparently attached to existing ordinary applications -- like tcsh, vi, and perl -- without any sort of kernel changes or special privileges. Chirp is designed to give maximum compatibility with standard Unix semantics.

Chirp is easy to deploy. Chirp is designed to be deployed with a minimum of fuss. One simple command starts a Chirp server or a Chirp client. There is no complex configuration, installation, or setup to mess up. It just works. This makes Chirp ideal for on-the-fly storage management in batch computing and grid computing environments.


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